Tax Lien Sale

2024 Tax Sale Date:

  • Date: August 9, 2024
  • Location: Held at the Albany County Fairgrounds, in the east side of the Activity Building located at:
    3510 South 3rd Street
    Laramie, WY 82070

Specific Tax Lien Sale Rules

  1. Registration begins at 7:45 am, sales of real property will begin promptly at 9 am, and late arrivals will not be able to take part
  2. The name on the registration form must be the same name under which the payment will be made
  3. Tax buyers must be present to participate. Parents, relatives and friends cannot purchase in the name of another individual
  4. Only one buyer for each taxpayer ID number is allowed (for example, a business may only have 1 buyer not multiple buyers)
  5. Buyers must be 18 years of age to participate
  6. Each buyer will be assigned a number at registration. Only one number per buyer will be allowed
  7. Purchasing Rounds:
    1. 1st Round: random drawing of buyer numbers will be used. When your number is drawn, you have the opportunity to purchase one piece of property by calling out the property number which can be found in the left hand column of the listing provided. This round will continue in the same manner until all numbers have been called once.
    2. Continuing Rounds: will be the same as the 1st round.
    3. If your number is called and you do not wish to purchase a piece of property you may pass and the next buyer number will be drawn.
    4. Any time a purchaser leaves the room they forfeit their number.
  8. Once you have accepted to purchase there will be no trading between buyers.
  9. Any real property which cannot be sold for the amount of taxes, interest, penalties and costs shall be bid in for the county by the county treasurer.
  10. All purchases must be paid for by 5 pm, September 7, 2023.
    1. Accepted methods include only:
      1. Cash
      2. Check
      3. Money order
      4. VISA, Master Card, and bank debit cards 
    2. All credit and debit card transactions are subject to a 2.49% convenience fee with a minimum fee of $1.50 except American Express which is subject to 3.5% + $1.50 convenience fee

Certificate of Purchase

  • No reassignments will be allowed on the sale date.
  • Bankruptcy will stop the collection of interest
  • Certificate of Purchase is $20
  • Reassignment fee if $25
  • Issuance of a Treasurer’s Deed is $25
  • When a Certificate has been purchased and the holder does not pay subsequent taxes, the property shall be advertised with all other delinquent taxes and sold at the next regular tax sale as if no previous sale had been made. The new Certificate may be purchased by another individual or the county
  • Treasurer’s Office will retain the Original Certificate of Purchase and a copy will be mailed to the buyer within a reasonable time frame

Additional Information

  • 3% interest is applied to the original redemption amount, with additional interest applied to days held since tax sale date; interest on subsequent taxes paid will be 15%
  • Owner redemption and Statutory Provisions relating to the tax sale and the process can be found in Wyoming Statutes 39-13-108
  • Office personnel are not authorized to provide legal advice, nor answer questions pertaining to legality issues
  • You as a certificate holder may not remove or add anything to the property. You may not contact the property owner; all correspondence will go through the Albany County Treasurer
  • In the 4 to 6 years following the date of this sale, the deeded owner has the right to redeem his/her property at any time

Validity of Tax Deeds

There is a growing concern about the validity of tax deeds around the country. A tax deed may be invalidated for many reasons. We take every precaution that the deeds issued are correct. Tax sale purchasers take certificates of purchase subject to these provisions and with full knowledge of these inherent problems.

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