ADA Accommodation

If you are an Albany County employee with a physical or mental condition that you feel hinders your ability to successfully perform the essential duties of your job, you may request an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


The following steps give a general outline of the accommodation request process:

  1. Notify your Elected Official or Department Head or contact the Office of Human Resources at 307-721-1835. An initial consultation with Human Resources and/or your supervisor about your needs and responsibilities and what you think may be a reasonable accommodation(s) will be scheduled.
  2. Human Resources will give you the ADA Employee Accommodation Request Form (DOCX) to complete. You will need to return to Human Resources for considerations.
  3. Human Resources will give you the ADA Medical Documentation Request Form (DOCX) to submit to your health care provider who will complete the form and return it to Human Resources.
  4. Human Resources, based on the medical documentation provided by your health care provider, will determine whether you have a disability as defined by ADA, and notify you of the decision.
  5. Your supervisor will also be notified of your specific request for accommodation. If he or she feels the request is reasonable, the request will be granted.
  6. If your supervisor has concerns about your request or feels that it is not reasonable, Human Resources will schedule and attend a meeting with him/her and you to clarify your request or explore potential accommodation alternatives. If needed a small panel may be brought in to review the request.
  7. You will be notified once a final decision is made regarding your accommodation request.
  8. If an accommodation has been granted, the arrangement will be monitored for effectiveness. Requests for modifications to the accommodation and additional accommodations can be made through Human Resources and/or your supervisor.

Additional Information

Please view the ADA Frequently Asked Questions (DOCX) document to help find answers to questions.