Marriage License

About Marriage Licenses:

Issuance & Expiration

Marriage Licenses are required pursuant to Wyoming State Statute §20-1-103.  The County Clerk issues Wyoming marriage licenses, which can be used anywhere in the state. These licenses expire one year from the date issued.  If the license is not used within that time, it becomes expired and a new one must be issued.  


  • Pursuant to Wyoming State Statute §20-1-103: 
    • (a) At the time of marriage the parties shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age except as otherwise provided. No person shall marry who is under the age of sixteen (16) years. 
    • (b) All marriages involving a person sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age are prohibited and voidable, unless before contracting the marriage a judge of a court of record in Wyoming approves the marriage and authorizes the county clerk to issue a license therefor. All marriages involving a person under sixteen (16) years of age are void. 
    • (c) When either party is sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age, no license shall be granted without the verbal consent, if present, and written consent, if absent, of the father, mother, guardian or person having the care and control of the person sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years of age. Written consent shall be proved by the testimony of at least one (1) competent witness. 
    • (d) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, parties may marry without the authorization of a judge of a court of record or the consent of any other person if both of the parties are not less than sixteen (16) years of age and if every party that is under eighteen (18) years of age meets the requirements for the right to contract under W.S. 14-1-102 or has received a declaration of emancipation pursuant to W.S. 14-1-203. 
  • $30 License Fee
  • Each applicant must fill out the Marriage License Information Form .  You may fill this form out at our office, however, it will save you time to have this form completed before you get here.  Here's some information you will need to apply for a marriage license:
    • Your full names
    • Your photo i.d.
    • The state in which you were born
    • Your social security numbers
    • Phone numbers
    • Birth dates
    • Current age
    • Gender (male or female)
    • Current Address for applicant and spouse
    • Whether this is your first marriage
    • Current marital status
    • If divorced, date and state of divorce – please note our office does not have the ability to obtain this information on your behalf.
    • If widowed, date of spouse’s death
    • Ethnicity/Race/Education Level
    • Father/Parent's legal name prior to first marriage
    • Father/Parent's state in which they were born
    • Mother/Parent's legal name prior to first marriage
    • Mother/Parent's state in which they were born 

*All information gathered for a marriage license is collected for the Wyoming Department of Vital Statistics located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Pursuant to Wyoming State Statute §20-1-106, a judge or any ordained minister (or other qualified person acting in accordance with the traditions or rites for the solemnization of marriage of any religion, denomination or religious society) is authorized to perform marriage. There is no officiant in the County Clerk's Office so it is the responsibility of the couple to arrange for an officiant to marry them.  The following judges and justices may be available.

After the Ceremony

Within 10 day after the parties are wed, the license must be returned to the Albany County Clerk's Office via mail or in person.  If you need proof of your marriage, wish to change you name on your drivers license or social security number, you will need a certified copy of you marriage certificate.  To obtain a certified copy pleases complete the application for certified copy of marriage certificate and remit the fee of $5.25 per copy.  Please note, certified copies may only be issued to the couple themselves.