Meet the County & Prosecuting Attorney

Kurt Britzius was appointed as the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney and sworn into office on May 24, 2021. He is currently running for re-election in 2022.


The staff of the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney's Office currently consists of:

  • 6 attorneys
  • 3 legal assistants
  • 4 victim witness advocates
  • 2 discovery assistants
  • Interns/externs from the University of Wyoming College of Law
  1. Kurt Britzius

    County and Prosecuting Attorney


The mission of the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is to provide quality legal representation to the County and its officials and to seek justice in prosecuting criminal offenses in order to protect the citizens of Albany County and preserve the rights of victims.

  1. Victim-Centered Approach
  2. Prosecuting Sexual Assault
  3. Youth Justice
  4. Addressing Mental Illness
  5. Drug Court
  6. Civil Representation

The ACAO is committed to seeking justice on behalf of the citizens of Albany County. The ACAO utilizes a victim-centered, team approach to prosecution. We are dedicated to providing victims a voice in the criminal justice process through numerous efforts and initiatives implemented through the Victim Witness Program and local victim advocacy organizations.

To help facilitate successful prosecution, the ACAO encourages open collaboration and communication between law enforcement and all other supporting agencies.