Albany County Sheriff’s Office

Albany County was organized in 1868 of territory annexed from Laramie County in Dakota Territory, which at the time had jurisdiction over part of modern-day Wyoming. It became a county in Wyoming Territory when its government was formally organized on May 19, 1869. Nestled in the southeast corner of Wyoming, the Albany County Sheriff's Office serves a population of approximately 37,000 over 4300 square miles. 

The county includes the:

  • City of Laramie (which in turn contains the University of Wyoming)
  • Town of Centennial
  • Town of Rock Rivers 
  • And numerous other small communities and resorts

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 46 sworn law enforcement officers and 8 civilian support personnel providing a full array of services to the residents and visitors of Albany County. 

The Albany County Detention Center is the correctional facility located in Albany County.  The Detention Center has a maximum of 66 beds, providing custody for local, state and federal prisoners.