Juvenile Division

Complaint Review

The Juvenile Division of the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (ACAO) reviews all complaints involving child delinquency and child protection issues through a single-point of entry and child protection team.

Single Point Team

The Single Point Team meets weekly to determine whether the best interest of a child and/or of the public require that judicial action be taken, or whether the specific case warrants referral to community based diversion or services.

Child Protection Team

The Child Protection Team meets biweekly to determine potential safety risks to children for the juvenile division to file complaints for abuse or neglect or to provide preventative services outside of judicial action. Members of the Single Point and Child Protection Teams include law enforcement, school district and child welfare agencies and service provider representatives.

Juvenile Traffic Citations

The ACAO office refers youth charged with traffic citations to Alive at 25, a 4 ½ hour driver’s awareness course designed by the National Safety Council for young drivers. The course includes defensive driving classroom curricula to gain awareness and develop strategies to keep youth safe on the road.