In Albany County, the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (ACAO) has the jurisdiction, responsibilities, and duties of both the district attorney and of the county attorney. In its civil role, the ACAO represents and provides legal opinions for the County and its officers. In its criminal role, the ACAO acts as prosecutor for the state in all felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile court proceedings.

Staffing & Divisions

The office consists of 6 attorneys, 3 legal assistants, 4 victim witness advocates, 2 discovery assistants, and interns/externs from the University Of Wyoming College Of Law.

This office is divided into Civil, Criminal, and Juvenile Divisions. Each division has dedicated attorneys and is structured to serve that division’s unique needs. Additionally, the Victim Witness Program provides services for victims and witnesses of crime as mandated under the State Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is to provide quality legal representation to the County and its officials and to seek justice in prosecuting criminal offenses in order to protect the citizens of Albany County and preserve the rights of victims. The ACAO also seeks to reform and improve the administration of criminal justice. This office fosters open communication among the stakeholders of the criminal and juvenile justice system to create a foundation of collaboration, and successful outcomes.

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