Notices of Value

Importance of Notice of Value (NOV)

  • We encourage all homeowners to review the Notice of Value as soon as they are received.
  • Notices of Value are mailed each year before the 4th Monday in April to all property owners. 
  • How to interpret the information on the Notice of Value:
    • The Notice of Value is NOT a bill, but rather an estimate of the current fair market value of your property. It will be the basis of your tax bill.  
    • The notice will include the previous year value and tax and the current year value and estimated tax.  
    • The word "improvements" does not mean you made improvements to your property.  "Improvement" is referring to any buildings on the land.
    • There are various reasons for changes in value from one year to the next:
      1. Real Estate Selling Prices - Real estate selling prices increase and decrease over time and will affect the estimated value of your property. County Assessors use sales from previous years to value the current year. We do not set the market; we follow the market.  
      2. Cost Tables - Construction and building material costs change from year to year and will affect the replacement cost new value of your buildings. 
      3. Property Review/Field Inspection - Field inspections conducted by the County Assessor's office can result in changes to your building characteristics which will affect the value of your property. 
      4. Change in Agricultural Land - Agricultural land is assessed based on its production capability. The price per acre will change year to year based on a 5-year weighted average of the commodity's (hay, grazing prices, etc.) price per acre. 
    • If you have any questions about the value, why it changed or if the value has changed significantly not due to any of the items listed above, please call the Assessor's Office at 307-721-2511. We are here to answer any and all questions our taxpayers have.

If you are interested in receiving your Notice of Value online, we have partnered with Master's Touch, LLC (our printer). Learn more below:

Online Notice of Value