Adult Diversion Program

Diversion is a voluntary program, a privilege not a right, that provides an alternative path through the criminal justice system.  Goals of diversion include rehabilitation, prevention of future crimes, and repair of harm to crime victims, including payment of restitution and participation in restorative justice processes, if required. Diversion focuses on accountability, while allowing people to avoid consequences that criminal convictions may bring.  The potential consequences of a criminal conviction are substantial.  Criminal convictions can impact future employment, eligibility for student financial aid, housing, ability to own and possess firearms among other lifelong impacts.  Legal consequences can be mitigated while still addressing the behavior that led to the charge and enhancing the personal responsibility of the defendant who enters and completes the program.  The Diversion Program will make referrals for evaluations, individual treatment and recovery support services through collaboration with various community agencies.  Treatment services may be delivered in person or through an e-learning platform.  Services will be targeted to individual needs, including but not limited to, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, life skills and other needs identified to have contributed to criminal conduct.  The Diversion Program is supportive of medically assisted treatment (MAT), as needed.   Sobriety will be monitored throughout the program. Successful completion of the diversion program will result in full of dismissal of charges that led to participation in the diversion program.



  • have you been charged with a misdemeanor offense (excluding driving under the influence and minor traffic offenses)
  • are you 18 or older
  • are you a current resident of Albany County
  • NOT currently on supervised probation or parole
  • prepared to take full responsibility for your behavior
  • willing to address the behavior that led to your criminal offense
  • if you have a defense attorney, it is recommended you speak to them before proceeding

Adult Diversion - Application for Participation

Following submission of your application, you will be contacted by the Diversion Program within 5 business days to schedule a face-to-face interview.   During this interview an assessment will be conducted to determine your acceptance into the program.